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reach the world.
High quality network across continents.

Datacenter locations

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          24/7 monitoring and daily routing optimization through multiple transit providers worldwide.

          Immense bandwidth capacity

          Our network architecture is designed to take on a massive volume of traffic. We use multiple transit providers in each of our locations to ensure top quality and sufficient capacity.

          Global coverage with local routing

          Strategically distributed data centers across Europe, the United States, and Asia enable direct connection to most of the local internet service providers.

          Zero packet loss and no network saturation

          The exceptional quality of data delivery from our dedicated servers to the end-users is the core focus of our company. We regularly monitor our network to avoid packet loss and saturation.

          Direct access to hard‑to‑reach networks

          To ensure the best possible network quality even in peak times, we partner up with premium ISPs such as Comcast, Telefonica, UPC, Swisscom or Deutsche Telekom.


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